Solid Wood Flooring

refinished white oak hardwood floors
tigerwood hardwood floors
Bruce oak hardwood floors in cherry
Bruce solid maple hardwood floors
Wide plank hardwood floors in oak natural
Bruce solid hardwood floors in white oak butterrum toffee in a dining room setting
Bruce wide plank oak hardwood floors in mocha
Bruce solid oak hardwood floors in gunstock color
Bruce solid hickory hardwood floors in plymouth brown
Somerset hickory hardwood floors
Homerwood Cherry-Natural oak hardwood floors
Homerwood taupe hardwood floors
Homerwood Black-Walnut-Natural Hardwood Floors
Armstrong Hard Maple Sugar Hardwood Floors
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Solid Wood Flooring General Information:

Solid hardwood floors are great for heavy foot traffic and stands up beautifully to daily wear and tear. Solid hardwood is durable enough to last a lifetime and can be refinished multiple times.


Solid Wood Flooring Styles:

Prefinshed hardwood floors are stained and finished at the factory, so it allows for easier and quicker installation with no fumes or dust.

Unfinished hardwood floors are stained and/or finished after the floor is installed. The finish protects the floor and is usually a two to three coat application of an oilbased or waterbased polyurethane. It can be applied as a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish.Unfinished hardwood floors are mostly installed when the objective is to match existing hardwood floors.


Solid Wood Flooring Types:

Interiors By Aleman is your source for top quality hardwood floors including common pre-finished hardwood floors such as Bruce Hardwood Floors that come in oak, maple, cherry, hickory. There is also bamboo hardwood floors by Hawa. Interiors By Aleman also carries exotic wood floors like brazilian cherry, and mahogany from Mirage Hardwood.  These wood floors come in different widths including some wide plank flooring for a rustic or antique look. Weather you are looking for smooth, distressed, or handscraped, Interiors By Aleman can help you select the perfect pre-finished solid wood floor for you.
The unfinished hardwood floors such as red oak, white oak, and pine are also very common and can be sanded, stained, and refinished with the color and sheen to match your decor.


Common Solid Wood Floor Installation Process:

  • Floors are delivered a couple days prior to installation for acclimation
  • Furniture is removed
  • Existing flooring is removed
  • Subfloor is prepped, checked for squeaks and those areas are screwed down accordingly
  • Door jambs are cut down to wood floor height
  • Moisture barrier paper is laid down
  • Floors are nailed down
  • Shoe moldings are installed and painted
  • Cleanup and garbage haul away


Interiors by Aleman has the solid hardwood options for you! Call today and we would be more then happy to install the solid hardwood floor of your choice!  (732)254-7881